Car23 Trey10 and Jjak9

Heloo! I am Car23 Trey10 and my brother is Jjak9. I started playing on July 4, 2006. Jjak9 started on July 5, 2006. I am 13 years old and he is 12. I have had this blog since November 2006? I’m not completely sure when I made this blog but it is old. My first free item was the bandana and my first member item was the Blue Graduation hat? Possibly the paper hat… I go to the servers Sleet and Frozen alot, but it doesn’t really matter which server I go to. My hero who made me start WordPress was somebody named Icy Fresh 2 (People over 3 years of age may remember him). His site was here, but it was hacked by 1fiddy some years ago. I was hacked by 1fiddy around the time of the Icy Fresh 2 hack beacuse my site was getting more and more popular.

I quit Club Penguin in December 2007, and then came back in time for the Penguin Play Awards. I am planning to bring this site back up with the help of Doggy17 and Jjak9.
Hi. My name is jjak9 and I am car’s bro. we both make vids here. We also have a chat that you can find on our chat page. Nothin much to say, but I am old on cp and me and car share the youtube so we can make vids together.


i am doggy17 i am a boy but my sister goes on my penguin alot. i love cp and all my friends on it. i am 700 days old and my oldest pin is the microphone. i go on cp almost everyday and go to sleet or frozen. i mostly wear the 2nd party hat, green sunglasses, blue lei, red sailor shirt, and the book. my site is here!! please visit it!!!

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