Custom Headers and/or Avatars

Hey everyone! It’s me (Car) and I am going to start making a new custom headers page and/or avatars. Here is how you can tell me how to make one for you:

(Put this in your comment)
1. (Dimensions of header/ avatar)
2. (Blog name)
3. [Optional] (Blog description/ summary)
4. (Pictures, if any, leave link of them)
5. (Color of Header/ avatar)

Thanks! Bye!
These are absolutely free.

~Car23 Trey10

Finished Headers:
Car23 Trey10 (Current)

Finished Avatars:
Car23 Trey10 (Current)

2 Responses to “Custom Headers and/or Avatars”

  1. Thanks for commenting on my site!!!!!

  2. Cool site can you tell me how to put costom headers on sites?? I had one before but I am completely lost!

    My site is

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