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(At the start get in a place where you can see youe penguin whiles holding the newspaper)

1.First click on the newpaper in the top left side of the screen.


2.Then click on we need you.


3.Then click on any question button and then click send (Dont send anything)


4.Go to the front of the newspaper and click tab ONCE.

5.Write in anything you like and press enter(located on your keyboard)

And then your penguin will be talking with the newspaper!!!!!

But unfortantly you cant dance or throw snowballs with it :(


1.First send anyone a postcard.

2.Do not press OK.

3.Then  just go wherever you like with the OK sighn.

(And you can go anywhere on the map and in igloo)

There will be more glitches soon!


Heres some glitches I found:

How to do the user name cheat:

1. Click on the Map in the lower left.
2. Go to the Snow Forts.
3. Go to the Box Store.
4. Buy a Portal Box.
5. Go to your igloo.
6. Select the Portal box.
7. Place the box in the right down corner of your igloo.
8. Walk to the other side of your igloo.
9. Click on the portal box. Before you reach the portal box, select the Edit Igloo button in the bottom right corner.
10. You will be transported to the Box Dimension. No penguin names will show in any of the rooms on Club Penguin! Also, whenever you type anything on Club Penguin it won’t show.

Walk away but still playing find four:

1. Go to the Ski Lodge.
2. Click yes to play find four.
3. Quickly click on the bottom of the Ski Lodge door.

Map Labels Cheat

1. Open your map.
2. Click and hold on any place of the map.
3. Drag your mouse to the X button on the map and exit.
4. When you have exit, the name of the place will stay there. it will go of in about 1-20 seconds.

Freeze while doing a special dance:

1. Wear any item or items that let you do a special dance.
2. Press D on your keyboard to dance.
3. Press and hold D on your keyboard.
4. Your penguin will freeze

Tell a joke very Fast on Club Penguin:

1. Go anyplace on the Map.
2. Repeatedly press J on your keyboard.
3. Keep pressing. You will be telling jokes very fast.

Throw Snowballs Very Fast:

1. Go to any place on the Map.
2. Repeatedly press T on your keyboard.
3. Keep pressing. You will be throwing snowballs really fast.

Hidden Emotions:

ET shows a music note and makes a noise.
EI shows an igloo.
EP shows a blue puffle.
ES shows a skull.
ED shows a sun.
EF shows a flower.
EG shows a game controller.
EH shows a red heart.
EL shows a four leaf clover.
EZ shows a slice of pizza.
EC shows a cup of coffee.
EN shows the moon and stars.
EM shows a coin.
E1 shows a laughing face.
E2 shows a smiley face.
E3 shows a straight face.
E4 shows a frowning face.
E5 shows a surprised face.
E6 shows a face sticking out their tongue.
E7 shows a winking face.
E8 shows a green icky face.
E9 shows a red angry face.
E0 shows an unhappy face.
! shows a large !
? shows a large ?
EQ shows a Strawberry Ice Cream Cone.
EW shows a Chocolate Ice Cream Cone.

Special Dances:

Swim – Wear only the arm floats or duck floats and dance.
Hula Dance – Wear only the Hawaiian lei and dance (Works with Hawaiian lei and grass skirt too).
Throw Pizza – Wear only the chef hat and dance (Works with Chef Hat and Pizza Apron too).
Whistle – Wear only the life guards whistle and wave.
Pour Coffee – Wear only the coffee apron and dance.
Juggle – Wear only the clown wig and dance (Works with clown wig, clown suit, and clown shoes too).
Jackhammer – Wear only the mining helmet and dance (Works with other construction items too).
Ice Cream – Wear the ice cream apron and dance (Works with ice cream apron and newspaper hat).
Fly – Wear only the propeller cap and dance.
Shake Maracas – Wear only the maracas and dance.
Wave red cloth – Wear only the matador outfit and dance.
Play Tuba – Wear only the tuba and dance (Works with tuba and marching band hat too).
Play Drum – Wear only the drum sticks and dance (Works with drums, and marching band hat too).
Play guitar – Wear only any guitar and dance (Works with any guitar, and marching band hat too.).
Violin – Wear only the violin and dance (Works with violin, and marching band hat too).
Tours here Sign – Wear only the tour guide hat and wave.
Go red or Go blue sign – Wear only the red or blue face paint and wave.
Play ping pong – Wear only the ping pong paddle and wave.
Ring Bell – Wear only the charity bell and wave.
Swing Lasso – Wear only the lasso and wave.
Referee – Wear the referee jersey and wave.
Photograph – Wear the camera and wave.
Superhero – Wear the blue or pink superhero mask, and blue or pink superhero shirt.

Club Penguin Commands(last one):

D – Dance
W – Wave (or wear a whistle)
S – Sit
T – Throw a snowball
J – Tell a joke
Y – Say yes
O – Say ok
H – Say hello
B – Say good-bye
N – Say no

HOW TO MAKE EVERYONE HAVE NO NAMES! 1) Buy a dimension box 2) Put it in your igloo 3) Click the Dimension Box 4) Whiles you are walking press edit! Then you will be in the dimension and everyone will have no names!

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