Club Zobbies

hello doggy17 here

im working for a new game called club zobbies and i know what your thinking right now your thinking its not going to work, its like the other games like club waddles, club monkey, club marshmellow

but this acctually is going to work. we have profesionla coders, design teams, people that work the blog, people that plan parties and items! its really cool im working with them on the job! i will be working with the blog and be a modertor too! please dont ask to be a mod we already have to many 😦

This is the club zobbies web site we really need to get the name out there! please check it out its really cool! my first task was to design a beta or modertor item so i liked the good old party hat with 2 different colours i made some and please vote for your favourate (prefferably not the yellow and pink one) heres the picture!


please vote!



~ by doggy17 on July 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Club Zobbies”

  1. Sure I’ll join your game! Nice site still doggy! I voted for the green and red hat!

    comment back at

  2. Hey Car, Idk if you remeber me, but its Dukefan4963. Idk how but my account somehow managed to get banned. Ill be playing on Duke Fan4963 for a little while. Im non-mem now since i hardly ever play. Im like 860 days old on my 2nd account, lol. If you can, maybe we can hang out or somthing. And no, i didnt hack your site, you gave me the password long long time ago.

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