My Beta Penguin

hey everyone doggy17 here just telling you i bought a beta of a good friend for all my powers on xat. it is a cool beta that i have seen on club penguin before and you probably all no its name helen 2k5 thats the beta i now have on my parent account its pretty cool just to have a beta it brings back good memories. the sad thing is its banned forever for inapropriate talk and i emailed cp asking them to unbann it i hope they unbann it cause i would give anything for it to be unbanned :(. here are some pictures of my beta penguin do not even ask me for it cause i will get annoyed its not even unbanned yet so ya.

here are some pics

helen2k5.png image by iWaddle


crap its banned

its 1352 days old!!!! and has teh beta hat! :O

helen 2k5 officail id is 56. that means it was the 56th penguin ever made in club penguin! wow if you dont beleive me click here and look at number 56 right at the top click here

i really hope i get it unbanned i will always use it on utimate safechat so i cant get it banend at all! sigh i really want it unbanned 😦


~ by doggy17 on July 7, 2009.

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