Army And Catalog Cheats

hey everyone doggie here i just want to tell you i have an army and i want everyone to join cause it would be great the more people you get to join the higher your rank it will be really fun, we have a chat and everything just click here to join and also tell your friends!

Hey, penguins CP released a new catalog today and a new pin. I have all the updates for you.I will start off with the new pin then the catalog then some other stuff I might think you need to know.

Pin Location: Coffee Shop,Book Room

ClubPenguin has a bug on the pin right now.It says ” Item is not found “. Now it’s time for the catalog cheats.These cheats are really simple and will help you a lot.

June 2009 Catalog

How to get the ” CanTeen “ Click on the rock on the third page on the left.

How to get the ” Crystal Staff “ Click on the patch on the wall by the ” King’s crown “

How to get the ” Blue Dragon Costume “ Click on the  dragon shadow.

How to get the “  Black graduation Cap “ Click on the coffee cup.

How to get the ” Blue & Red viking helmet “ Go to the second page of clearance and click in the middle  between the beam of lights.Click 4x for blue.


~ by doggy17 on June 9, 2009.

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