Bike Boy and Bikeboy

This post is for all of you that probably have heard of Bikeboy93 and are gullible enough to believe that Bike Boy93 is the beta.

If you ever see this penguin, he is an impersonator and you should not believe that he is really Bikeboy. That is like saying if I had a penguin named Viper Vital and I recieved all of the fame of Vital Viper.

Bike Boy93

If you see this Bikeboy93, he is obviously the real one. I don’t know how you can actually know Bikeboy93 and mistake him for Bike Boy93.



In conclusion, those of you that are easily tricked and have fallen into this endless pit of impersonation, I recommend that you take the other road and make your own frickin’ name.

~ by Car23 Trey10 on May 2, 2009.

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